DKK 1.6m boost for elite sports

DKK 1.6m boost for elite sports
The Faroese Sports Federation’s elite sports division has granted DKK 1.63 million to 21 applicants
The highest grant for an individual athlete went to sprint runner Jónas Gunnleivsson Isaksen. Photo: Dánial Olsen
30.01.2024 - 11:06

Faroese elite athletes have been granted a total of DKK 1.63 million for 2024. Grants were handed out to 21 applicants – 16 individuals and five teams, representing ten sports disciplines.

The biggest amount went to the men’s national handball team and the U20 men’s national handball team, who received DKK 250,000 each. The men’s national team recently took part in the European Championship and is currently preparing for the World Championship play-offs in May.

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The biggest amount for an individual athlete, DKK 125,000, went to sprint runner Jónas Gunnleivsson Isaksen, who won 200-metre gold at the European Championships last year. His next target is the world championships in Peru in August.

Five young applicants also received grants. The were the U16/17 national volleyball team, handball U06, young elite swimmers, Ronja Johannesen (gymnastics) and Ranja Joensen (badminton).

A good year for elite sports

The grant selection panel hailed a 'golden age' for Faroese elite sports and Faroese sports as a whole, citing surging participation and international success.

“2023 was an eventful year for Faroese sports. The standards of our athletes are improving every year. This is evidenced by the steadily increasing calibre of the elite sports grant applicants.”

A total of 37 applications came in for elite sports grants in 2024.


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