Parliament makes U-turn on medical cannabis

Parliament makes U-turn on medical cannabis
The government says that the health minister can solve the cannabis legalisation problem at the stroke of a pen, with no need for a law change
03.04.2019 - 10:32

When MP Jenis á Rana last year submitted a bill to allow Faroese patients to become part of the Danish trial system with medical cannabis, it was voted down in Parliament.

He recently resubmitted the bill, and after its first reading it now appears that Parliament has changed its stance on the issue.

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Not only did many MPs express a positive attitude to the proposal, but they also said the proposal is unnecessary, arguing that the health minister simply needs to include cannabis products in her medical overview, and then the relevant patient group can receive cannabis treatment immediately.

Health minister Sirið Stenberg says she will now call a meeting with the social affairs committee, and if the committee gives the green light, she is open to the possibility of bypassing Jenis á Rana’s proposal and immediately include medical cannabis in her medical overview.

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