New rules for doorkeepers

20.01.2020 - 18:51
New rules for doorkeepers
A new directive imposes a set of rules on people who work as doorkeepers at e.g. restaurants or nightclubs

It is no longer possible for restaurant and nightclub owners to hire just anyone off the street and put them in a doorkeeper position.

A directive which came into effect this week places a number of new conditions on doorkeepers.

These conditions include passing a first aid course and a basic fire safety course.

Legal understanding

Applicants for doorkeeper jobs must also display a thorough knowledge and understanding of the laws on restaurant operations, alcohol policies and police regulations.

The employer must ensure that the doorkeeper is familiar with all escape routes in the building and knows how to operate all fire-fighting equipment at the premises.

Under the new directive, an employer is also required to provide doorkeepers with workwear which clearly states that the person wearing it is a doorkeeper.

And doorkeepers are required to carry an ID card on them at all times and are obliged to show it whenever patrons or authorities request it.


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