Limited access to Mykines this week

22.06.2020 - 18:38
Limited access to Mykines this week
The ferry service to and from tourist hotspot Mykines is suspended while regular ferry Jósup is undergoing repairs
Mykines ferry Jósup is docked for repairs after suffering damage to the rudder and propeller on Friday

No suitable ferry is available to replace Mykines ferry Jósup, which is being repaired for rudder and propeller damage.

On its last trip to Mykines on Friday, Jósup’s rudder and propeller made contact with a heavy floating object, and the ferry is currently docked for repairs.

Atlantic Airways’ helicopter service made four extra trips to the island yesterday to transport tourists stranded on the island back to the mainland.

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But over the next few days there will only be limited transport to and from the island.

“We expect the repair works to be completed on Friday, but we cannot rule out delays,” says Hilmar Eliassen, CEO of public transport company Strandfaraskip Landsins.

“We had a private operator with a suitable replacement boat, but unfortunately this boat suffered a similar mishap at virtually the same time as Jósup, so now we do not have any suitable replacement ferry.”


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