Six new Covid-19 cases on Lithuanian cargo ship

28.07.2020 - 12:49
Six new Covid-19 cases on Lithuanian cargo ship
Six crew members on a cargo ship, which docked in Klaksvík next to a Russian trawler with at least 23 infected men, have tested Covid-19 positive

The chief medical officer yesterday urged the Faroese public to get tested if they feel any Covid-like symptoms.

Today, he has revised this message, calling on everyone who may have been in contact with foreign sailors in the past week to get tested immediately, regardless of symptoms. He also urged everyone to respect the social distancing guidelines and practice good hand hygiene.

This comes after six new cases were registered on board Lithuanian cargo ship Cassiopea. The ship has been docking next to Russian trawler Karelia, which had at least 23 Covid-19 positive crew members, at the Ánirnar port near Klaksvík.

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The entire Cassiopeia crew, totalling 23 men, were tested, and six tests came out positive. Cassiopea is due to leave port for South Africa today.

A total of 220 positive tests have now been registered in the Faroes, of which 188 have recovered.

Eight people are in quarantine, and two Russian sailors are undergoing treatment at the National Hospital’s Corona ward.


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