Prosecution to appeal paedophile’s sentence

08.04.2021 - 14:50
Prosecution to appeal paedophile’s sentence
The prosecution is preparing to appeal last week’s court ruling against a man sentenced for sexually abusing young boys

Prosecutors in last Tuesday’s sentencing of 42-year-old Kim Anders Olai Nielsen are launching an appeal to the Danish High Court.

The three-year prison term is too lenient, argue the prosecutors, who originally called for a psychiatric detention order or an eight-year prison term.

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Another reason for appealing the verdict, according to principal prosecutor Mads Strandberg Petersen, is that certain aggravating provisions regarding sexual abuse, introduced in Danish criminal law in 2016, are insufficiently defined in Faroese criminal law.

“Last week’s three-year prison sentence was based on legal practice from before 2016, and now we are seeking clarification on whether the aggravating provisions apply in the Faroe Islands.”


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