A decent 2021 summer for Atlantic Airways

09.01.2022 - 07:23
A decent 2021 summer for Atlantic Airways
The national airline may reach pre-Covid passenger figures this year, reckons boss

The period from July to November 2021 was better than expected for Atlantic Airways.

And if this positive trend continues, this year’s passenger numbers may return to 2019 levels, says CEO Jóhanna á Bergi.

Slow start to 2022

“We are, however, seeing a dip in demand in Q1 of this year, which is why we are reducing the number of scheduled flights,” she says.

The airline will continue flying to all its regular destinations, but a few scheduled departures will be suspended over the next three months.

“There is little change for regular flyers, but Omicron has made holidaymakers a bit more hesitant. We do, however, expect the pace will pick up again this summer.”

SAS takes a winter break

Scandinavian Airlines has suspended all its flights on the Copenhagen-Vágar route for January and February due to low off-season demand.

The airline expects to resume its flights to the Faroes in late March.


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