Sandoy’s rat-free status at increased risk

Sandoy’s rat-free status at increased risk
Sandoy is one of 11 rat-free islands in the country
Rats pose a serious risk to Sandoy’s rich birdlife
03.02.2022 - 08:27

The Environment Agency has issued a note of caution to the public ahead of today’s final blast for the Streymoy-Sandoy subsea tunnel.

The tunnel will increase the risk of rats entering the island, but this risk can be reduced by ensuring that all goods transported to Sandoy are properly sealed.

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Sandoy’s five municipalities are advised to set up an extermination plan for implementation if rats are spotted on the island.

There is, of course, also a risk that rats make their way to Sandoy on their own through the tunnel, the agency adds.

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Residents and visitors to the island are urged to contact the local authorities if they spot rats.

The tunnel company has prepared a prevention plan.


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