A special place to die

21.03.2022 - 20:17
A special place to die
A James Bond gravestone was erected in Kalsoy today

James Bond drawing his final breath in ‘No Time to Die’ was a historic moment in cinema history.

And. as most people in the Faroes will know by now, he died near Kalsoy’s picturesque Kallur lighthouse.

To mark this special event, Kalsoy locals today set up a James Bond gravestone at the site.

“This is special because this is the site where the seemingly unbeatable Agent 007 finally dies, and that will put the Faroes on the world map,” says local farmer Jóhannus Kallsgarð, who owns the land where the scene was set.

Big boost for tourism industry

“We believe the publicity from ‘No Time to Die’ will be a massive boost to the Faroese tourism industry.”

The farmer is, however, not too worried about a sudden spike of tourists to the lighthouse.

“The ferries to Kallsoy are usually fully booked throughout the summer season, so we cannot take in more tourists than we have done in previous years.”

Kallsgarð adds that this is the perfect opportunity to replace the worn-down footpath to the lighthouse.

There are no plans to set up a toll gate for tourists wanting to visit the site.


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Translated by prosa.fo.

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