Bank customers braced for tough times ahead

28.09.2022 - 10:33
Bank customers braced for tough times ahead
BankNordik is calling on private customers to prepare for a financial squeeze

BankNordik has asked some of its private customers to take a closer look at their accounts.

“With rising prices and higher interest rates, we want to offer some guidance to our customers to help them adjust to the new financial landscape,” says BankNordik CEO Turið Finnbogadóttir Arge.

“We are asking our customers to check their fixed payments, and we offer to help them make the necessary adjustments in their accounts to make sure they can withstand possible further price increases.” 

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She is keen to point out that this is only a precautionary measure.

“We have no direct indications that our customers have run into financial problems yet, but it makes sense to prepare people for changing times.”

The CEO advises customers to contact the bank as soon as possible if they have any concerns about their personal finances.

“The sooner a customer contacts us, the better the chances that we can find a solution together.”


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