Preliminary 2023 budget approved

15.11.2022 - 12:44
Preliminary 2023 budget approved
Appropriation Act authorises the government to collect taxes and pay necessary expenditures until a new government is formed
This morning’s parliamentary meeting was the last one for Jógvani á Lakjuni, the Chairman of the Løgting (pictured right), who is retiring from politics. Photo: Bjarni Árting Rubeksen

Parliament today unanimously approved a preliminary budget for 2023.

The Appropriation Act authorises the government to collect direct and indirect taxes and to pay what needs to be paid to keep society going until a new government is in place.

The reason for the preliminary budget is that the Parliament has been left unable to process the 2023 budget proposal due to an early election being called last week.

 >> SEE ALSO Election called for 8 December

The finance committee unanimously approved the proposal for a preliminary budget, which was supported by all 29 MPs present at today’s parliamentary meeting.

Jógvan á Lakjuni, the Chairman of the Løgting, said that unless some extraordinary event occurs, this was the last parliamentary meeting before the 8 December election. The next meeting is scheduled for 22 December.


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