Faroese police force “neglected”

24.01.2020 - 05:30
Faroese police force “neglected”
Faroese member of Danish Parliament wants clarity on Danish state funding of Faroese police

Edmund Joensen, Faroese member of the Danish Parliament, believes that Danish authorities do not give sufficient priority to the Faroese police force.

Ahead of the Danish Parliament’s preparations of a new national police strategy, Joensen has called on the Danish Minister of Justice, Nick Hækkerup, to specify the role of the Faroese police force within the new Danish police strategy.

In his enquiry to the minister, Joensen lists a number of areas in the Faroese police force which he believes are underfunded compared to elsewhere in the Danish Kingdom.

These include the surveillance package which was approved in Denmark in 2014 but which has yet to be fully implemented in the Faroes.

The list also includes out-of-date IT systems, inadequate shooting practice conditions, slow access to the Europol Information System and a lack of statistical systems revealing police waiting times.

Translated by prosa.fo

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