Faroese law may breach human rights convention

25.01.2020 - 07:24
Faroese law may breach human rights convention
A law regarding residence permits in the Faroe Islands may inadvertently discriminate against certain applicants
Parliament will soon vote on an amendment to a law on residence permits for foreign nationals

A Danish law regarding foreign nationals, which is also in force in the Faroes, may be in breach of European human rights law.

Danish authorities informed the Faroese Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this complication last summer, and now the law is being changed.

The law in question dates back to 2008 and regards ”a foreign national’s right to obtain a residence permit in relation to certain types of employment”.

Equal treatment

Due to inconsistent wording in its current form, the law does not ensure equal employment-related treatment for foreign nationals who have a residency status in the Faroes as refugees and for instance those who reside in the Faroes through family reunification.

Although there has so far been no instance of foreign nationals having their residency application turned down due to illegal discrimination, the law will be changed to straighten out the inconsistent wording.


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