Travellers to be tested on arrival

Travellers to be tested on arrival
Travellers not in possession of a recent COVID-19 test will have the option of being tested at the airport and at the Port of Tórshavn next week
Corona tests will be available to travellers next week at the Port of Tórshavn (pictured) and at the airport
12.06.2020 - 15:49

From Monday to Friday next week, travellers can be COVID-19 tested at the airport and at the Port of Tórshavn where passengers disembark ferry Norrøna.

This is done to give all incoming passengers to the chance to meet the new requirement of providing a negative COVID-19 test result that is no older than five days.

These tests, which will be free of charge, are a temporary solution introduced because it has emerged that some travellers arriving on the above dates may struggle to obtain these test results at short notice, with the new requirement being announced only two days ago.

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Travellers can expect a certain delay before they can fully enter the country, as all who take these tests are asked to self-isolate at their pre-booked accommodation until the results are ready, which is estimated to be after one or two days.

Faroese residents returning from abroad are not required to provide a negative test. Instead, they must either show their return ticket or their proof of residency in the Faroes.

Children aged 12 or below are exempt from these requirements. Parents or travel companions must, however, provide documentation of the children’s age, for instance by showing their passports.

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Foreign nationals arriving in the Faroes for work purposes are also exempt from the requirement to provide a negative test. But they must provide a copy of their work agreement.

All travellers are urged to act responsibly and observe all distancing and hygiene guidelines during their time in the country and show particular care in the first days after arriving.


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