Authority to close bars “unlikely to be used”

02.07.2020 - 09:41
Authority to close bars “unlikely to be used”
The trade minister is not planning to use his new authority to close bars and nightclubs unless a big second wave of Covid-19 comes

Parliament last week granted trade minister Helgi Abrahamsen the authority to fix closing times for bars and nightclubs and set a maximum allowance of people inside.

But the minister says he is unlikely to make use of his new authority any time soon.

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“It is important to have this authority as a safety precaution in case the virus returns, but I see no reason to use it in the near future as the virus is currently not present on our islands,” he says.

“Our strategy continues to be based on trust. We believe that bar and nightclub owners will act responsibly, and unless the corona situation changes dramatically, this new authority will not be used.”


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