Foreign minister “is playing with fire”

07.07.2020 - 14:26
Foreign minister “is playing with fire”
The Foreign Affairs Committee should have been informed of the US Ambassador to Denmark’s visit to the Faroes, insist opposition members
Carla Sands, the US Ambassador to Denmark, is currently on a visit in the Faroe Islands

It can cause irreversible damage to our foreign policy and our negotiating position that the foreign minister does not consult with Parliament.

So say opposition members of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Høgni Hoydal and Heðin Mortensen after hearing about US Ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands’ current visit to the Faroes.

“This is not the first time that the sitting government is making major foreign policy decisions without consulting with the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, says Hoydal.

“Enough is enough. There was no consultation when the foreign minister negotiated with the Chinese regarding our 5G network, nor during our national sovereignty talks with Danish authorities, and now we’re seeing the same with regards to plans to set up a US naval base in the Faroe Islands.”

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According to the two MPs, section 54 of the Home Rule Law major requires consultation with the Foreign Affairs Committee in major negotiations like these.

“It is unacceptable that we as members of the Foreign Affairs Committee learn through the media about plans to set up a US naval base in the Faroes,” says Mortensen.

“Not following the procedures outlined in our own constitution can in such cases cause irreparable damage to our negotiating position in relation to e.g. Russia and China.”


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