Contact tracing may be complicated

20.07.2020 - 08:51
Contact tracing may be complicated
Many foreign passengers were on the same flight as the family who tested positive on Saturday
The Covid-19 testing station at Vágar Airport

The three people who tested Covid-19 positive arrived on the 11am SAS flight on Saturday.

All three, a non-Faroese family, have been isolated in a rented house.

Contact tracing has begun, but chief medical officer Lars Fodgaard Møller says this process may not be as straightforward as it has been up to now, as many foreign passengers were on the 11am flight, which was almost full.

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“We want to trace those passengers who were seated within two rows of the infected people,” he says. “This process would be much easier if it was an Atlantic Airways because the SAS flights usually carry a lot more foreign passengers.”

The health authorities have the contact details of all passengers, and those deemed to have been at risk of infection will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

All passengers wore face masks throughout the flight, adds Møller.


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