Russian sailors seen wandering streets of Klaksvík

27.07.2020 - 19:34
Russian sailors seen wandering streets of Klaksvík
The public is urged to be extra careful after 23 new Covid-19 cases were confirmed last week
Russian trawler Karelia, which had at least 23 Covid-19 infected crew members, docked near Klaksvík last week

Chief medical officer Lars Fodgaard Møller is urging anyone who may have been in contact with foreign sailors in the Klaksvík area to exercise caution.

This plea comes after 23 crew members on Russian trawler Karelia, which had been docking near Klaksvík, last week tested positive for Covid-19.

Møller said on Saturday that the ship’s captain had assured Faroese authorities that none of the crew had been ashore. But locals now report having spotted numerous foreign sailors in the streets of Klaksvík.

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Anyone who feels even the faintest Covid-19 symptoms is urged to get tested immediately and maintain social distancing, says Møller.

Karelia left the Faroes on Saturday after bunkering at Fuglafjørður harbour and is no longer sailing in Faroese waters.


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