Increased police presence at ólavsøka

28.07.2020 - 04:54
Increased police presence at ólavsøka
Police want to ensure that social distancing requirements are adhered to during the ólavsøka national holiday celebrations
Police chief Michael Boolsen heads the Faroese Epidemic Commission

Police have a new and unusual task at this year’s ólavsøka, which will be celebrated today and tomorrow.

If people are seen standing too close together, they can expect police officers to remind them to observe the social distancing measures, says police chief Michael Boolsen.

“One of the many unusual things about this year’s ólavsøka will be an increased police force in the city streets,” he says.

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“In collaboration with other authorities, we want to ensure that ólavsøka guests behave in a responsible manner and respect the social distancing guidelines.”

Many of the traditional ólavsøka features, such as the popular midnight song outside the Houses of Parliament, which normally attracts thousands of people, have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation.

Tórshavn City Centre has implemented a plan to help prevent mass gatherings in the streets.


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