At least 38 new Covid-19 cases registered today

06.08.2020 - 10:23
At least 38 new Covid-19 cases registered today
Due to record-high testing numbers yesterday, some tests are still awaiting analysis
Not all of yesterday's Covid-19 tests have yet been analysed

At least 38 new positive Covid-19 tests have been registered after an extensive testing round yesterday.

Between 1,500 and 1,600 tests were carried out yesterday, which is the highest daily number of tests since the Covid-19 outbreak in March.

Not all of yesterday's tests have been analysed, which is why the total number of new cases has not yet been announced.

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However, the chief medical officer confirms that the number is at least 38.

Like yesterday, long queues of cars formed today outside the National Hospital and the iNOVA research park in Tórshavn, which houses private test lab Thetis.

People who are awaiting their test result are urged to be extra cautious until they receive their result. If you have not been contacted by the chief medical officer by the time today's total figure is published, your test is to be regarded as negative.


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