New telecoms firm opens

03.12.2020 - 17:35
New telecoms firm opens
Tosa is taking on the country’s two existing telecommunications operators, offering a flexible choice of options
Two of Tosa’s founders, Tummas við Skipá (left) and Tróndur Hentze Sørensen

After four years of preparations, telecoms company launched today.

“Tosa initially targets users such as students who do not require multiple subscriptions,” explains co-founder Tummas við Skipá.

“We hope that our flexible subscription packages will liven up the market.”

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Instead of creating its own network, Tosa will buy the network space it needs from the existing providers.

This will keep expenses to a minimum as the capital requirements will be significantly lower, according to Tosa’s head of finance, Tróndur Hentze Sørensen.

“The existing providers have made huge investments in their networks and their buildings. We only use laptops and phones, so we are confident that our business model will work.”

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