No traffic fatalities but still many injuries

05.01.2021 - 15:38
No traffic fatalities but still many injuries
Last year was the second year this century with no traffic fatalities

Although no road traffic fatalities were registered in 2020, accidents with personal injury are at the same level as ten years ago.

In an effort to reduce these figures, the Faroese Road Safety Council (RFF) has listed thorough investigations into all serious traffic accidents as the key recommendation in the national road traffic safety plan for 2019-2027. 

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High speeds remain the main cause of road traffic accidents.

A recent study commissioned by RFF found that 8 percent of respondents who claimed to drive 80 km/h or slower on roads with an 80 km/h speed limit had experienced traffic accidents.

Twelve percent of those who claimed to drive 90 km/h, and 20 percent of those claiming to drive 100 km/h or faster, had experienced accidents.


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