G! Festival back on the calendar

29.04.2021 - 18:23
G! Festival back on the calendar
If the Covid situation does not worsen, there is not much risk in holding music festivals this summer, says public health professor

The organisers of the G! Festival in Gøta, Eysturoy, have decided to go ahead as planned with their festival in July.

“The Covid situation now feels sufficiently safe that we can enjoy a full and unrestricted G! Festival complete with four stages, our usual camping facilities and our popular hot pots on the beach,” says organiser Sigvør Laksá.

“We will take a closer look at the necessary safety precautions when we get to July, but for now we are going ahead with our preparations.”

Click here for details about the festival.

Green light from health authority

According to public health professor Pál Weihe, unless the Covid situation takes a big turn for the worse, there should be no problems in having music festivals this summer.

”The infection rate is low, and the vaccination programme is coming along well,” he says.

“So as long as we all continue to act responsibly, there is little in the way of us all enjoying summer activities such as music festivals like we used to.”


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