Crowd limit of 500 lifted next week

03.08.2021 - 14:56
Crowd limit of 500 lifted next week
Tórshavn’s Voxbotn music festival will be held on 20-21 August
Voxbotn was cancelled last year and postponed several times this summer due to Covid restrictions

The 500-people maximum recommendation for events and gatherings will be lifted on Tuesday 10 August.

“Low infection rates and decent progress in the vaccination programme mean that large events will be permitted again from next week,” Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen announced in a press release today.

Voxbotn back on the agenda

Moments after the news broke, it was announced that Tórshavn’s popular Voxbotn music festival will be held later this month.

The festival, which has previously been a one-night event, will this year take place over two days.

“Voxbotn 2020 will take place on 20 August, and Voxbotn 2021 will take place on 21 August,” say the organisers.

More personal responsibility

Event organisers will still be required to ensure that everyone attending the events will be tested in advance.

“With the eased Covid-19 recommendations comes a higher level of personal responsibility,” wrote the Prime Minister.


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