Quicker notification of positive Covid test results

09.11.2021 - 18:49
Quicker notification of positive Covid test results
A Covid pass system will be introduced on Saturday. Sixty-four new Covid cases were registered yesterday

People who have been tested in one of the Covid testing sites hosted by the Hospital Service will now be sent an SMS message if their result is positive.

Those who test positive need to be notified as soon as possible, writes the Hospital Service in a press release.

This comes in the wake of yesterday’s error which led to 17 Covid-positive people receiving false negative test results. As a result of this error, all testing at private test lab Thetis has been suspended until further notice.

The Prime Minister has just announced that a Covid pass system will be introduced on Saturday. Further details will be announced tomorrow.

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Up to now, those who tested positive were notified by the chief medical officer. However, with the current high infection rate, this process has become too slow.

With the new notification system, people who test positive will still be contacted by the chief medical officer with guidance on quarantine, etc., but they will be notified of their positive test as soon as the positive test is registered.

Free tunnel travel extended

The toll fee reimbursement for people travelling in passenger cars through the Eysturoy tunnel for Covid testing in Tórshavn has been extended until 15 November.

Register your name, phone number and your car’s licence plate number at the testing site, and the tunnel charge will be reimbursed within a few days.

Sixty-four new Covid cases

Yesterday’s 3,372 Covid tests resulted in 64 positive cases, reports corona.fo.

All have been notified by the health authorities, and extensive contact tracing is underway.

The daily numbers of positive tests over the past week have been as follows: 85, 111, 55, 48, 29, 52 and 64.

There are currently 642 active Covid-19 cases in the country, and five Covid patients are in hospital.


According to the latest vaccination figures on corona.fo, updated today, 90.6 percent of the 12+ population have received the first shot of the vaccine, 85.7 percent have received the second shot and 6.6 percent have received a third booster shot.

Plenty of vaccine doses are available to everyone aged 12 and over. Click here to book your vaccination appointment.

Those requiring assistance with filling in the forms can call 304545 on weekdays between 2pm and 4pm.


For further information about Covid-19 in the Faroes, visit corona.fo.

Read the Faroese versions of this article here, here and here.

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