New screen time guidelines

02.12.2021 - 17:19
New screen time guidelines
The Public Health Board has issued a set of national screen time guidelines for children, teenagers and adults
As habits are formed early in life, parents should create healthy screen habits for their children from a young age, says the Public Health Board. Archive photo

Children should not be given a smartphone before the age of 14, and screen use is generally discouraged for children younger than three.

These are two of the new national screen time guidelines issued by the Public Health Board.

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Screens are here to stay, says the Public Health Board, but the new guidelines aim to secure a healthier balance in our screen use.

According to the new guidelines, children younger than 14 should only be allowed to use the internet when their parents are present.

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And children should not have a screen in their rooms until they turn 16.

It is also recommended that schools help children and teenagers limit their screen use, e.g. by encouraging social interaction through banning smartphone use in schools.

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As part of this initiative, the Public Health Board will be visiting schools and daycare centres across the country to elaborate on the new guidelines.

The new public screen time guidelines will be presented tomorrow at the annual public health symposium under the title "Hvussu hevur tú tað, barn?" (“How are you, child?”).

Screen time recommendations by age

0-3 years: All screen use is discouraged, but Facetime with family members is allowed from age 18 months

4-7 years: 30 minutes a day

8-10 years: 45-60 minutes a day

11-13 years: 60-90 minutes a day

14-18 years: No more than 120 minutes a day

Adults: No more than 120 minutes a day. Limit your screen use further if you use screens at work.


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