Suðuroy welcomes nine refugees

Suðuroy welcomes nine refugees
Nine refugees from Ukraine landed at Vágar Airport this morning and are heading for Tvøroyri
The nine people come from various locations in Ukraine, including Kharkiv, Kiev and Lviv. Photos: Bjarni Árting Rubeksen
11.03.2022 - 13:10

Volunteers in Tvøroyri are preparing to welcome nine Ukrainian refugees this afternoon.

Two houses have been prepared for them to live in, and locals have been collectinging food, clothes, toys, furniture and other items.

Phones and sim cards will be handed out so the people can contact their families in Ukraine.

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“We are focusing our efforts on ensuring that they feel safe and welcome here and that they receive the help they need,” says organiser Mortan Vang.

“For now, we focus on the short term. But if they end up staying here for the long term, we will happily help them to become an integrated part of the local community.”

The nine refugees are temporarily registered as regular travellers. However, an Emergency Act on refugee asylum, which seeks to remove legal obstacles regarding residence, work, social rights, etc., is nearing completion, at which point they will be covered by this legislation.

Many more refugees from Ukraine are expected to arrive in the Faroes soon.


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