Parliament approves refugee bill

07.04.2022 - 16:27
Parliament approves refugee bill
MPs voted unanimously in favour of a bill to grant Ukrainian refugees equal rights with Faroese citizens
Refugees arriving at Vágar Airport last month

MPs today voted 27 to 0 in favour of a bill aimed at securing a “soft landing” for refugees from Ukraine.

The bill was approved at today’s third and final reading, which means it will now be made into law.

This means that 200 refugees will be granted two-year temporary residence permits with the possibility of extension.

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Refugees will also be granted equal rights with Faroese citizens in terms of health and social services.

Parliament also approved an additional grant of DKK 15.5 million to cover the estimated costs of hosting 200 refugees for the remainder of this year.

This amount is broken down into DKK 5.3 million for education, DKK 5.1 million for welfare services, DKK 4.1 million for health services and DKK 1.1 million for the Immigration Office.


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