Christmas tree prices go up

24.11.2022 - 09:14
Christmas tree prices go up
Expect to pay about DKK 100 more for each tree this year
Photo: Bjarni Árting Rubeksen)

Christmas trees will be more expensive this year, according to two of the main tree sellers.

Charity organisation Kiwanis, which has been the leading Christmas tree retailer in recent years, last year had a fixed DKK 400 price for trees of all sizes.

This year, there will be three different prices. DKK 400 for the smallest trees, DKK 450 for medium-sized trees and DKK 500 for the largest ones.

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At one point, Kiwanis was considering dropping this year’s Christmas-tree sales entirely due to the recent spike in freight costs.

Fortunately, however, Kiwanis was offered a sizeable discount from its freight carrier. Without this discount, the retail prices would have been significantly higher.

Christmas tree sales make up a big majority of the charity’s revenues. Up to 35 Kiwanis volunteers sell Christmas trees in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

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The charity is reluctant to disclose the number of trees it has sold, but it says it has donated DKK 1.3 million to charitable causes in the past three years.

Another leading Christmas-tree retailer is grocery store chain FK, which will add DKK 100 on top of last year’s price of DKK 300 across all tree sizes.

FK cites the same reason as Kiwanis: higher freight costs.


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