Israel representation office in budget proposal

09.12.2019 - 06:45
Israel representation office in budget proposal
The government has requested funding for a representation in Israel

A Faroese representation office in Israel is now one step closer to becoming a reality.

In the 2020 budget proposal submitted to Parliament on Friday, the government is requesting to increase the appropriation for representation offices by DKK 2.6 million.

DKK 1.6 million of this amount is earmarked for a new office in Israel.

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The explanatory notes in the proposal state that “although trade and industry relations between the Faroes and Israel are currently limited, there is great potential in a close cooperation between the two nations”.

No exact location of such an office is mentioned in the proposal.

There are currently five Faroese representation offices– in Moscow, London, Copenhagen, Reykjavik and Brussels. Last year’s total running costs were DKK 15.3 million.


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