Drug smugglers handed lengthy jail terms

18.06.2021 - 05:36
Drug smugglers handed lengthy jail terms
Confiscated drugs had a street value of more than DKK 4 million
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Two men were sentenced to prison yesterday in a large drug smuggling case.

A Danish man received a five-year jail sentence for smuggling one kilo of amphetamines with an estimated street value of DKK 1 million to the Faroes.

A Faroese man was given a two-year jail sentence for smuggling 12.7 kilos of cannabis, believed to have a street value of DKK 3.1 million, to the Faroes.

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The judge noted that the Danish man was given a harsher sentence as amphetamines are significantly more harmful substances than cannabis.

The Danish man’s defence lawyer appealed the sentence immediately, while the defence of the Faroese man is considering an appeal.


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Translated by prosa.fo.

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