Surprisingly quick drop in daily Covid cases

08.11.2021 - 05:50
Surprisingly quick drop in daily Covid cases
The chief medical officer had not expected to see the daily figures go down as rapidly as they have
Chief medical officer Lars Fodgaard Møller says he is impressed with how the public have responded to the sudden Covid surge

Wednesday 3 November saw an all-time high of 111 positive Covid tests. This was followed by 55 the following day, then 48 and by Saturday the figure had gone down to 29.

The chief medical officer was not available for a full interview yesterday, but he said this is a good sign.

“Not only is the number of daily cases going down rapidly, but the test positivity rate – i.e. the percentage of tests that come out positive – is also falling,” he said.

“This indicates that our testing system is working well and that enough people are getting tested.”

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It is becoming increasingly clear, he added, that the incubation time is shorter now than before.

“In the past, the period from time of Covid exposure to the onset of symptoms was, on average, three to five days. Now we are seeing many cases of 1-3 days’ incubation time.”

For some, however, the period can be up to nine days, he added.

”I am impressed with how the Faroese public have responded to this sudden Covid surge. I’m now feeling cautiously optimistic again.”


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