Food and clothes aid for 412 people in Faroes

29.05.2022 - 08:47
Food and clothes aid for 412 people in Faroes
More than half of last year’s recipients of Red Cross aid in the Faroes were children, according to 2021 annual report

In 2021, 412 individuals, including 282 children, in the Faroes received Red Cross aid.

Recipients were predominantly families with young children, where the parents are in education, single, unemployed, in social difficulties, ill and/or had a low income.

One-third received both food and clothes aid.

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The Red Cross’ Christmas aid, which is a collaboration with Barnabati, last year handed out DKK 1,000 cheques to 264 families with dependent children.

The Red Cross also supplies books to children and teenagers staying at the National Hospital, the Women’s Refuge and the orphanage in Tórshavn.

Red Cross Faroe Islands’ clothes aid was introduced in 2013, and the food aid came in 2020.


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