Minister: school exams will continue

18.08.2022 - 07:40
Minister: school exams will continue
PISA tests have contributed greatly to the development of the Faroese school system, says education minister

The national curriculum tests and the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests will continue.

So says education minister Jenis av Rana in his reply to MP Jóhannes Joensen’s request for information about how the test results are used and what views teachers and pupils have on these tests.

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The overall purpose of the national curriculum tests and the PISA tests is to ensure constant development of the Faroese school system.

“Faroese schools have seen great development since the first PISA tests were carried out in 2006 because schools have listened to the feedback from the tests,” he says.

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The minister is keen to point out that the national curriculum test results are not meant as a stand-alone indicator of a pupil’s abilities.

Rather, test results should be regarded as a supplement to the ongoing assessments of each pupil during the day-to-day teaching.

The cost of exams

The cost of conducting the last PISA test, in 2019, was about DKK 800,000, and this year’s national curriculum tests are estimated at DKK 380,000.


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