Jobmatch goes virtual

15.10.2020 - 14:46
Jobmatch goes virtual
Due to Covid restrictions, this year’s Jobmatch recruitment fair will be held on a virtual platform

The popular Jobmatch recruitment fair attracts hundreds of people every December in Tórshavn’s Nordic House.

In the current Covid climate, gathering crowds of this size in one place is considered unsafe, so the Jobmatch organisers have come up with a different idea for this year’s fair.

Jobmatch 2020 will take place on a virtual platform where jobseekers and employers can carry out their networking activities from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtually similar 

“This new virtual platform is in many ways similar to the physical one we normally use in the Nordic House,” says Jobmatch organiser Katrin I. Gregersen.

“Having pre-registered on, users can log in to the platform on 29 December between 12noon and 5pm, where they can visit the company stands in the virtual exhibition hall.”

Just like the Nordic House, the virtual platform will also include a presentation hall, a foyer and an information desk.

New opportunities

Rather than seeing restrictions with the virtual fair, the organisers see plenty of opportunities for innovation and creativity in the new format.

As in previous years, jobseekers can pre-book talks – the so-called ‘jobprát’ – with the employers they wish to approach. At Jobmatch 2020, these talks can take place via online chat, phone calls or video chats. Online group chats will also be available.

“With our virtual platform, all the people who for various reasons cannot make it home to the Faroes for Christmas can easily attend the fair this year,” says Gregersen.

“So what initially looked like a cancelled or a highly restricted Jobmatch 2020 now looks like an event that might just see record-high visitor numbers.”

Pre-register for Jobmatch 2020 here.


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