16 new Covid cases

24.05.2021 - 11:08
16 new Covid cases
All scheduled church services, including the International Family Service in Klaksvík, have been cancelled as a safety precaution

Yesterday saw the highest daily number of positive Covid tests since December, with 16 people testing positive.

All 16 people appear to be linked to the same chain of infection, consisting of the rapid-spreading UK strain.

Yesterday’s test positivity rate was 2.6 percent, meaning that one in 38 tests came out positive.

The daily numbers of positive tests over the past week have been as follows: 0, 0, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 16.

No-one is receiving hospital treatment for Covid-19, and 45 people are listed as being in quarantine. There are currently 23 active Covid cases in the country.

Extended test times

To meet increased demand, testing stations have extended their operating hours today:

Klaksvík: 8am - 12.15pm

Tórshavn: 5pm - 7.30pm

Trongisvágur, Suðuroy: 8am - 10am & 1pm - 2pm.

All church services cancelled

The Church of the Faroe Islands has cancelled all its scheduled church services today as a safety precaution.

The cancellation includes outdoor church services and the International Family Service scheduled for 2pm today at Klaksvík’s Christianskirkjan.

“We have yet to decide how to proceed with funerals and other church operations over the coming days,” says bishop Jógvan Fríðriksson.


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Translated by prosa.fo

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