Rapidly rising demand for food and clothes aid

24.08.2022 - 14:27
Rapidly rising demand for food and clothes aid
Demand for food and clothes aid is up by 80 percent and it may increase even further, says Faroese Red Cross
Red Cross Faroe Islands’ clothes aid was introduced in 2013, and the food aid came in 2020. Photo: Red Cross Faroe Islands

Red Cross Faroe Islands is now receiving 80 percent more applications for food and clothes aid than last year.

“Although our statistics do not tell us about the causes of the sudden increase in demand, it seems obvious that the rising living costs play a big part,” says Sigrið Zachariasen, head of secretariat at Red Cross Faroe Islands.

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Unlike in previous years when people applied for support for both food and clothes, most of the applicants this year are asking for food support only.

“The figures for the first half of 2022 suggest that the demand for our food and clothes aid may increase even further in the second half of this year.”

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The latest figures also indicate a demographic change in applicants for food and clothes aid.

“In previous years, mostly families with young children applied. But now we also receive many applications from individuals, including pensioners, who struggle to make ends meet.”

The Red Cross Faroe Islands food and clothes aid can be contacted by phone at 283670.


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