Carbon emissions to be halved by 2025

06.12.2019 - 06:14
Carbon emissions to be halved by 2025
Tórshavn City Council has implemented its new energy plan
Buses in the capital region will be powered by electricity as part of the municipality’s new energy policy

Carbon emissions in the capital region are to be cut in half in 2025 compared with 2016 levels.

This is the essence of Tórshavn municipality’s new energy policy, which has now been implemented.

The task group which formulated the energy policy recommends that municipal buildings should be heated through district heating, ground heat or heat pumps instead of oil.

Other recommendations include installing LED bulbs in all streetlights in the capital region, increasing the number of municipality-owned electric cars to 70-80 and installing electricity power systems in local buses.

Success depends on national green energy plan

A prerequisite for the City Council’s numbers to add up is that national energy supplier SEV’s plan to produce 80 percent of green energy by 2025 will succeed and that the District Heating Association continues its current expansion work.

The City Council’s new energy plan is estimated to cost DKK 13.5 million per year.

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