Tomorrow's testing fully booked

18.01.2022 - 19:19
Tomorrow's testing fully booked
Covid testing sites are under massive pressure

The number of positive results from yesterday's testing round has been confirmed at 729, reports

A total of 5,208 tests were carried out, which is close to maximum capacity.

Yet demand outstrips supply, as tomorrow’s test appointments are already fully booked.

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“We are doing what we can to adjust our capacity to the demand. We added 500 appointments today and another 500 tomorrow,” says Steinar Eirikstoft, managing director of the Hospital Service.

“We are at full capacity now, so we can just ask people to be patient and try to look for a vacant slot in the coming days.”

There are currently 3,003 active Covid cases in the country. Seven of these are in hospital, five of whom due to Covid and two for other reasons.


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