Faroes remain Europe’s most industrious nation

24.01.2022 - 12:02
Faroes remain Europe’s most industrious nation
The Faroes have for the past few years had the highest employment rate in Europe
Table courtesy of Statistics Faroe Islands

Of the 38,200 people of working-age (15-74) people in the Faroes, 32,000 make up the labour force, reports Statistics Faroe Islands.

This means that 84 percent of the working-age population is in employment, the highest activity rate in Europe.

Faroese men have an activity rate of 85 percent, and the women’s rate is 82 percent.

The Faroese labour force has increased by more than 2,000 people in the past five years. This increase is made up of about 1,200 male and 800 female workers.

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Included in the labour force are all employed individuals, including salary earners, independent traders, employers, unemployed people available for work and individuals who carry out unpaid work for family businesses.

Not included in the labour force (a total of 6,300 people) are young full-time students, people unavailable for work due to disease or reduced ability, or people who have left the labour market due to age or other limitations.


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