Raising ADHD awareness

02.10.2022 - 10:26
Raising ADHD awareness
The Faroese ADHD association has organised a series of information events throughout October
Bjørg Dam, chairwoman of the ADHD Association

Yesterday marked the start of the international ADHD awareness month,

The ADHD Awareness Month seeks to raise awareness, remove the stigma and highlight the available support that enables individuals and families to thrive with ADHD.

The Faroese ADHD association – whose slogan is “Øðrvísi saman” (“Different together”) – currently has 392 paying members, a 15-fold increase over the past three years.

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“This big increase in members reflects the great urgency and importance of improving conditions for people suffering from ADHD/ADD,” says Bjørg Dam, chairwoman of the Faroese ADHD Association.

“Although many have been diagnosed and are now receiving help, statistics suggest that there are many undiagnosed ADHD sufferers in the Faroes who struggle with their daily lives because the are not receiving the help they need. This is why we feel a need to raise awareness of ADHD/ADD.” 

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The ADHD association is hosting a number of information events throughout this month.

The first one, starting today 3pm at Tórshavn’s Reinsaríið, focuses on self-help and support systems.

Other events this month include a new short film, an event in SMS, a theme day at the end of the month plus participation at the international mental health day on 10 October, hosted in the Faroes by Sinnisbati.

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According to the ADHD association’s website (text in Faroese only), you can make a difference by “becoming a member, attending events, speaking openly about ADHD/ADD, sharing your story, sharing relevant social media posts, etc.”.

The events will most likely be conducted in Faroese; however, everyone speaks and understands English.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is believed to affect about 5 percent of children, and about half of them will carry these symptoms into adulthood


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