Tougher regulations on beauty treatment

03.12.2022 - 10:58
Tougher regulations on beauty treatment
Getting Botox, lip fillers and other forms of cosmetic surgery has become less straightforward
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Until recently, if you wanted some cosmetic surgery, you could simply book an appointment at a beauty salon.

However, new regulations dictate that any such procedure must now be pre-approved by a medical specialist.

“Cosmetic surgery has seen a drastic boom in recent years,” says chief medical officer Lars Fodgaard Møller.

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“This area has been relatively unregulated up to now. In Denmark, for example, lots of unregistered clinics have popped up in recent years, and many of them provide treatment which may result in serious injury.”

Under the new regulations, all Faroese beauty salons will now require approval from the chief medical officer, who is authorised to close, entirely or partially, a clinic if patient safety is deemed to be at risk.

Inspection reports and other information relevant to these inspections will be published on the chief medical officer’s website.


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