Joe Rogan’s experience with Faroese whale meat

16.01.2023 - 05:49
Joe Rogan’s experience with Faroese whale meat
The world’s most popular podcaster was offered Faroese whale meat in a recent episode of his show
Joe Rogan was not keen on tasting dried whale meat from the Faroes. Photos: The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is not one who is easily shocked.

However, in a recent episode of his popular podcast show ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, he was slightly taken aback, to say the least.

His guest, fellow YouTuber Sonny Side, had brought along a bag containing dried pilot whale meat, which he was given during his recent visit to the Faroes.

Sonny Side

Sonny explains about the Faroese whaling tradition

Side showed Rogan a video clip of a pilot whale hunt in the Faroes.

The host’s first reaction was: “Oh my God. This is horrific!”

Side explained about the special Faroese whaling tradition and offered Rogan a bag containing dried pilot whale meat.

Rogan took out a piece of meat, sniffed at it and put it to the side, saying “I’ll think about it.”

Joe Rogan

Rogan sniffed at the bag but did not taste the contents

A short clip from the whale meat episode is available on Youtube. The full episode is available on Spotify.


Read the Faroese version of this article here.

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