Social care facing massive staff shortage

29.04.2021 - 12:54
Social care facing massive staff shortage
The Economic Council has presented its thematic report on the upcoming challenges in health and elderly care

The over-80s age group will increase by 1,200 people (52 percent) over the next ten years, according to a projection by the Economic Council.

To maintain the current standards in health and elderly care over the next decade, an additional 706 full-time care workers and 338 new residential care places are needed.

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The situation will not be made easier with 358 full-time elderly care workers expected to retire by 2030, concludes the council’s thematic report on the challenges presented by the upcoming demographic changes.

In this morning’s presentation of the report, the council pointed out that this “massive demographic challenge” has been emphasised in every annual report since 2015 but politicians have been slow to react to the message.

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As a consequence, the council argues, our society will be increasingly ill-equipped to deal with the problem once the politicians start recognising it.

“This is gigantic problem,” says Heri á Rógvi, chairman of the council, “and it is crucial that we start taking this seriously.”


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