Ferries are ‘worn out’

07.12.2022 - 16:33
Ferries are ‘worn out’
Public transport company urges politicians to stop brushing aside the ever-growing need for a ferry-fleet renewal
The average age of the oldest SSL ferries is 46 years: Ritan (pictured) is 51, Sam 46, Ternan 42 and Sildberin is 28 years old

Public transport company SSL has issued a press release which it describes as a “distress call” to the government from some ageing ferries.

“We have for many years been calling attention to the obvious fact that many of our ferries are worn out, and for every election period in which our calls fall on deaf ears, the ferries age another few years,” says SSL boss Niels Juel Arge.

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He believes a possible solution, rather than waiting for the government to allocate funding for new ferries, would be to make the necessary structural changes to SSL that would allow the company to borrow money to build new ferries.

“The next government urgently needs to come up with a concrete plan for how the old ferries can be replaced.”


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