Russian jets did not enter Faroese airspace

Russian jets did not enter Faroese airspace
Warplanes were near but not inside Faroese border
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11.02.2022 - 11:21

Questions arose last week whether Russian warplanes had entered the Faroese airspace.

On 2 February, four Russian ‘Bear’ jet fighters were reportedly intercepted and escorted by the UK Royal Air Force jets after approaching what the air force calls “the UK area of interest”.

The Russian jets did not enter the UK sovereign airspace, but they were reportedly intercepted north of Scotland and west of the Shetland Islands.

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This incident prompted an enquiry from Faroese authorities to the Danish defence ministry about whether the jets entered Faroese airspace.

With insufficient radar data from the area, the Danish defence ministry requested a confirmation from the UK Royal Air Force on this matter, and the reply was that the Russian jets were near the Faroese border, but they did not cross the border.


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